3 Key Tasks For Your Venue’s Busy Festive Period

As we enter the busiest time of year for the hospitality industry, it’s important to remind ourselves that there are important things venues need to do to make sure that their festive period runs as smoothly as possible. Let’s take a look at three of the key areas you and your staff should not leave […]

9 Key Ways to Maintain Your Glasswasher

  A clean and well-maintained glasswasher is essential for any pub that wants to serve its customers the best possible drinks. By following these tips, you can keep your glasswasher running smoothly and prevent it from becoming a source of bacteria or other contaminants.   Clean the filters regularly The filters in your glasswasher trap […]

How Pubs Can Use Their Pool Tables to Bring in More Customers

Alongside darts, pool tables have always been a very popular attraction in pubs, and they can be a great way to bring in customers and keep them for longer. Here are some tips on how pubs can use their pool tables to their advantage and make more sales:   Make the pool table easily accessible […]

5 Ways To Ensure Your Bar Cooler Keeps Its Cool

5 Ways To Ensure Your Bar Cooler Keeps Its Cool! In any season, families and friends flock to pubs and bars for moments of togetherness and to enjoy a drink. SX Leisure understands the importance of providing a welcoming and comfortable experience for customers. In order to ensure customers can enjoy their time to the […]

10 Ways To Ensure Your Ice Machine Runs Smoothly This Summer

10 Ways To Ensure Your Ice Machine Runs Smoothly This Summer As a responsible ice machine provider, we understand the importance of keeping your ice machine running smoothly, especially during the approaching summer heatwave. In this article, we present our Ice Machine 101 checklist to ensure your machine is well-prepared as temperatures rise. By following […]

Bacta Summer Ball 2023

Bacta Summer Ball 2023 Last month, 200 Bacta members and their guests celebrated the return of the trade association’s Summer Ball, organised by SX Lesuire and Bacta Chairman, Steve Hawkins.  The event took place at the Forest of Arden Country Club and the guests met to bid, pledge, and raise money for charities including Rays […]

The Rebirth of Sussex Pool – SX Leisure Sponsorship

The Rebirth of Sussex Pool – Interview With Iain Boyd SX Leisure is pleased to announce our brand new sponsorship of Sussex Pool. We will be appearing on their new team shirts and helping provide end of season trophies for each of their teams. Following our sponsorship announcement , the team spoke with Iain Boyd, […]

Summer Pub Prep Tips

8 Ways to Prepare Your Pub for Summer With the UK’s summer heating up, it’s time to prepare your pub for the summer season, with a few considerations to make your customers’ experience smooth.   Here are SX Leisure’s 8 TOP TIPS to prepare your pub for Summer:   1. Optimise Your Outdoor Space If […]

Pouring the perfect pint

Once you have selected your glassware it is important to insure that it is clean. A “beer-clean” glass is one that is free of visible marks and smudges, residual oils and films, as well as any aromatic compounds. Residue on the glass will create nucleation points for CO2, causing excessive foaming and carbonation loss that […]

Cleaning Ice Machines

1. CLEANING WARNING Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, unplug the icemaker from the electrical supply network. This appliance must not be cleaned by use of a water jet. CAUTION When using a neutral cleaner or sodium hypochlorite, thoroughly read and understand the instructions provided to prevent potential health problems. NOTICE Ask a […]