3 Key Tasks For Your Venue’s Busy Festive Period

As we enter the busiest time of year for the hospitality industry, it’s important to remind ourselves that there are important things venues need to do to make sure that their festive period runs as smoothly as possible. Let’s take a look at three of the key areas you and your staff should not leave behind this Christmas.


Keep your bar back running smoothly:

There’s nothing worse for you and your customers than dirty pint glasses, poor ice quality and an unstocked bar cooler.

A clean and well-maintained glasswasher is essential for any pub that wants to serve its customers the best possible drinks. The festive period is no different, with drinking flying out, having a constant supply of clean glasses is imperative. 

As for your ice machine, make sure that you clean and sanitise regularly as well as monitor the water supply and check your water filters. Whilst it may be winter, your customers are likely to want an ice-cold gin and tonic to get the festivities flowing!

Before the next big rush of customers arrives, prioritise stocking your bar coolers as well as making sure they are properly cleaned. Use a gentle cleanser to sanitize the interior, paying special attention to the shelves, door seals, and drainage system. Also, dispose of any expired or spoiled products, ensuring that only the best remain stocked.


Stock your pool table consumables

Who doesn’t love a festive game of pool? If you have a pool table in your venue, make sure that you have the right amount of chalk, pool table cleaner and cue tips.

Remember, the busier the pub, the more likely it is for things to get damaged and/or lost. Make sure you have enough backups of important pool table consumables this winter.

You may also look to run a festive pool tournament. In this case, it’s just as important to make sure you have everything in place. Can you imagine getting to the final game and realising one of your cue tips are broken, without a suitable replacement?


Refill your fruit machines

More people in your venue means more chances for them to use your fruit machines and the likelihood of winning players is much higher!

Make sure that you are refilling your machines on a day-to-day basis. When busy it can be easy to forget, but the last thing you need at your busy bar is to take down a winner’s details when the machine doesn’t pay out. Also, it’s important to remember to order £1 coins to make sure that you have enough money to float in the machine.

Everyone here at SX Leisure wishes you and your venue the best of luck for the festive period. We hope it is a roaring success. As always, please contact your account manager if you require any additional support!