The Rebirth of Sussex Pool – SX Leisure Sponsorship

The Rebirth of Sussex Pool – Interview With Iain Boyd

SX Leisure is pleased to announce our brand new sponsorship of Sussex Pool. We will be appearing on their new team shirts and helping provide end of season trophies for each of their teams.

Following our sponsorship announcement , the team spoke with Iain Boyd, the Chairman of Sussex Pool about the season so far, how SX Leisure’s sponsorship will aid the team and the importance of getting junior players into the sport.

How does the series work?

“The season runs over 10 months of the year, playing 1 Sunday a month. Sussex compete in Region 7, alongside Surrey, Hampshire, London, Kent and Berkshire. We play out of our home venue, The Castle Club, in Brighton, who are another of our valued sponsors.”

How will the new sponsorship benefit Sussex Pool?

“It’s going to be a massive help to us! We are having to change our team shirts, which doesn’t sound like a big thing, but when you have 120 players, it’s a it’s a substantial expense. So SX Lesuire is helping to offset the cost of those shirts to the players and the county.

“It’s also helping us bring in trophies for each of our teams. We have a men’s A, B and C team, a ladies team, an U23’s team, a juniors team and a senior team. Now they all will have a player of the year trophy to present at the end of the season!”

What is the one thing every pool player should know?

“The rules! No seriously, the rule set has changed this season to make the game much more interesting to watch and play. It’s becoming a much more fast-paced game, so it’s much less like snooker than ever before. It’s exciting times for pool for sure!”

How important is the junior game?

“The junior game is something we are really trying to promote to the youngsters. We desperately need to attract junior players. It may not be as attractive as football or rugby, but especially with the new ruleset, it’s making the game much more exciting for younger players to get involved in.”

“We also have an U23’s team, who have been very successful in recent years, becoming national champions. They have even produced several Engalnd players!”

What advice would you give to aspiring pool players? 

Just get involved, especially juniors. Join any local league. You will only get better by playing and playing better players that you can learn from!”

What does the future look like for Sussex Pool?

“We are currently at the halfway point of the season and we want it to mark the rebirth of Sussex Pool. At the moment, thanks to our sponsors, we are implementing the new shirts and creating recognition for our players. We have produced some of the best pool players in the country in Sussex, and we are creating the framework to get those players to come back and represent Sussex. I really feel from next season we will see a highly competitive Sussex team!”

SX Leisure would like to wish Sussex Pool the best of luck for the rest of the season and beyond. Sussex Pool’s next event is against the National Champions, Kent, scheduled for 9th July in Chatham. Iif you are in the area, head down and show your support to the team. 

Also if you are interested in playing for Sussex Pool at junior level, or any other level, please get in touch them by email: or follow them on Facebook for more information on trials and coaching.