Summer Pub Prep Tips

8 Ways to Prepare Your Pub for Summer

With the UK’s summer heating up, it’s time to prepare your pub for the summer season, with a few considerations to make your customers’ experience smooth.


Here are SX Leisure’s 8 TOP TIPS to prepare your pub for Summer:


1. Optimise Your Outdoor Space

If your pub has an outdoor area, such as a patio or beer garden, make sure it is clean, well-maintained, and inviting. Arrange seating, add shade options like umbrellas or awnings, and ensure the area is properly lit for evening gatherings – many customers will be choosing to spend their time at an establishment in the warmer months based on this alone. 


2. Spice Up Your Summer Menu

To create a winning summer menu, incorporate lighter options, fresh ingredients, and themed specials. Summer beverages and seasonal dishes make for an irresistible combination.


3. Plan Promotions And Events

Plan summer-themed promotions and events to attract new customers. Consider hosting outdoor live music performances, beer tastings, BBQ nights, or summer-themed parties to create buzz and increase footfall! Don’t forget to ensure your music systems, barware and entertainment are all on top form too to ensure all your events run smoothly.


4. Invigorate Your Ice Machines

Ensure that your pub’s ice machines are functioning optimally to provide cool drinks throughout the summer. Regularly clean and maintain your machine. High temperatures and poor ventilation can strain your ice machine and reduce its efficiency. Ensure that the surrounding environment is adequately cooled and ventilated. Avoid placing the machine near heat sources or in direct sunlight. As always, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use approved cleaning solutions to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.


5. The Power of Pub Entertainment

Ensure your pub entertainment, such as contactless pool tables and games machines, are in optimal working condition during the summer months to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for customers seeking indoor entertainment and relief from the heat. Availability of functional pub entertainment options during summer helps attract and retain patrons, offering them a cool and enjoyable alternative to outdoor activities, increasing customer satisfaction and potentially boosting revenue.


6. Maximise Music Systems

Music stereo systems play a vital role in creating an immersive and engaging atmosphere for pubs, especially during the vibrant summer season. The quality of sound produced by these systems can greatly impact the overall experience. A well-designed stereo system, with the right speakers, amplifiers, and acoustics, can completely transform an ordinary pub into a hub of energy and excitement. Additionally, when pubs are more crowded and lively during summer, a powerful sound system ensures that the music reaches every corner, keeping the energy high and patrons entertained. Whether it’s the pulsating beats of a DJ set or the soulful melodies of a live band, a properly calibrated stereo system is essential to deliver the right mix of sounds, creating an unforgettable experience for pub-goers during the summer months.


7. Supercharge Staff Training

Ensuring that your staff is properly trained during the summer months is crucial for the success of your pub. Provide training to your staff on seasonal offerings, new menu items, and any special promotions or events. Ensure they are knowledgeable about summer cocktails, food pairings, and customer service expectations.

Proper training allows your staff to provide efficient and prompt service, which is especially important during busy summer months when customer demand tends to be higher. 

Additionally, Summer can bring unique challenges related to health and safety, such as increased heat, outdoor seating, and food handling in warmer temperatures. Proper training on health and safety protocols, including food hygiene, allergen awareness, safe handling of equipment and cleaning of barware, is essential to prevent accidents, maintain cleanliness, and ensure customer well-being.


8. More Marketing and Social Media: Increase your pub’s visibility by promoting summer-related content on social media platforms. Highlight your seasonal offerings, events, and any unique features that make your pub a great summer destination over your competitors. 

Remember to stay flexible and adaptable as the summer season progresses. Continuously monitor customer preferences and feedback to make necessary adjustments and provide the best possible experience for your patrons. 

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