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SX Entertainment

SX Leisure are one of the UK’s leading providers of entertainment and gaming solutions to the hospitality sector, including pubs, clubs, casinos, and many other leisure & entertainment spaces. Pool tables, fruit machines and juke boxes are just some of the products available in our extensive range.

SX barware

At SX Leisure we provide high quality refrigeration and washing equipment which caters to the needs of commercial and industrial clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering quality products and outstanding customer service at reasonable prices.

SX audio & visual

At SX Leisure we can offer a variety of audio and visual solutions to meet your venue’s needs. We work with our trusted business partners and suppliers to offer the best in the market to give you the best products for the right price.

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If you are planning to rent photobooth machine, please call ahead for an appointment. We will be happy to assist you with any question.