Over the years we have built a fantastic, hard-working team designed to deliver the best results for our customers.

With over 90 employees in our growing team, we understand the importance of building our knowledge of both the products we supply and the industry we work in.

We may be a product-based business, but our success is directly attributed to the high levels of our service. This isn’t just a customer-facing ethos, this is also the way we conduct ourselves when working with colleagues and partners. We believe that being courteous and respectful promotes the notion of togetherness, and it is this unity that underpins our closeness as a company.

We wouldn’t be able to source, install and communicate without the best team in the industry. Meet the people who make us the UK’s number one gaming, barware and AV provider!

Steve Hawkins


Greg Wood


kim clarke

hr lead

guy weller

financial controller

Keith Saunders

Account Manager

Brandon Simmonds

Account Manager

Mick Summers

Account Manager

Adam Cockey


Debbie Partridge

Account Manager

Francis Williams

Account Manager

Ivan Brown

Account Manager

Kim Inwood

Account Manager

Dave Paulding

Account Manager

Bessie Hawkins

Contactless Specialist

Louise Brett

Service Manager

Laura Butler

Logistics Manager

Jane Holland

Collections Manager

Paul Brett

Workshop Manager

Lorna Butcher

Contact Team

Andy Bavington

Contact Team

Sarah Vella

Contact Team

Clive Stiff

Contact Team - Technical Support

Dena Rance


Rob Winger