Cleaning Ice Machines


WARNING Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, unplug the icemaker from the electrical supply network. This appliance must not be cleaned by use of a water jet.

CAUTION When using a neutral cleaner or sodium hypochlorite, thoroughly read and understand the instructions provided to prevent potential health problems. NOTICE Ask a trained service person to clean and sanitise the icemaker water system at least twice a year and to check and clean the condenser at least once a year. To prevent possible damage, do not clean the plastic parts with water above 40°C or in a dishwasher.

[a] Machine and Bin Exterior
Wipe the exterior at least once per week with a clean, soft cloth. Use a damp cloth containing a neutral cleaner to wipe off grease or dirt.

[b] Scoop and Storage Bin Handle Cleaning/Sanitisation (Daily)

1) Either mix 1 litre of water with 4 ml of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution in a suitable container, or the recommended Hoshizaki sanitiser as directed.
2) Soak the scoop in the solution for more than 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and shake to remove surplus liquid.
Note: Using a cloth to dry may re-contaminate.
3) Use a neutral cleaner to wash the storage bin handle. Rinse thoroughly.
4) Soak a clean cloth with the sanitising solution, and wipe the handle. Use fresh water and a clean cloth to rinse/dry.

[c] Storage Bin Interior Cleaning/Sanitisation (Weekly)

1) Open the storage bin door, and remove all ice.
2) Wash the bin liner with a neutral non-abrasive cleaner. Rinse thoroughly.

3) Soak a clean cloth with the neutral cleaner, and wipe both sides of the slope and the door inner surface.

Wipe off the cleaner with a clean damp cloth.

4) Either mix 5 litres of water with 18 ml of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution in a suitable container,

or the recommended Hoshizaki sanitiser as directed.

5) Soak a clean sponge or cloth with the solution, and wipe the bin liner, bin door and slope.
6) The remaining solution can be used to sanitise utensils.

Note: Do not wipe dry or rinse after sanitising, but allow to air dry. [d] Air Filter (Air-Cooled Model Only)


Plastic mesh Air filters remove dirt or dust from the air and keep the condenser from getting clogged.

If the filters get clogged, the icemakers performance will be reduced.

Remove and clean the air filters at least twice per month:

1) Slide the air filter off the filter guide (IM-21CNE/30CNE)

Or the louver (IM-45CNE/45NE/65NE/100CNE/


2) Clean the air filter by using and vacuum cleaner.

When severely clogged, use warm water and a neutral cleaner to wash the air filter.

3) Rinse and dry the air filter thoroughly.


NOTE: After Cleaning, be sure to place the filter back into position.